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    November 1, 2013
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>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald everyone on the floor, on the floor now! >> tsa targeted, a gunman shoots three security screeners at l.a.x. killing one of them. >> the shootout with police, the chaos for travelers and clues into the shooter's motive tonight. >> hello, i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. a man with an assault rifle opens fire at airport security in los angeles. shooting three agents before being captured by police. investigators say a note in his bag said kill tsa. we have complete coverage of the shooting. kai jackson has images from the airport as passengers ran for cover but first to teri okita
with the latest for wjz from san francisco. >> reporter: authorizes say 23- year-old paul ciancia sent a text message to his family that he was going to kill himself. that was before he allegedly carried a semi-automatic rifle into los angeles international airport friday morning and started shooting. >> right when i heard the shots of looked over my shoulder and everyone was saying run. >> reporter: the shooting started about 9:20 at the tsa checkpoint in terminal 3. the gunman shot 4tsa officers killing one. he then moved down the terminal toward the gate area. >> i noticed he had an assault rifle, a huge gun, strapped over his shoulder. >> reporter: the rampage ended when police shot the gunman. moments before, this photo was taken. as police secured the airport, rescue crews rushed the wounded to the hospital. this is believed to be ciancia as he was wheeled into an l.a. hospital. investigators say ciancia was
wearing fatigues and carrying a bag that contained anti- american and anti-tsa ranting. >> there were more than 100 more rounds that could have literally killed everybody in that terminal today. >> reporter: in los angeles, teri okita, wjz eyewitness news. >> kai jackson continues our complete coverage with the sheer panic for travelers. >> reporter: there was a lot of panic. today's terrible tragedy brought one of the nation's busiest airports to a standstill. the rapid paced l.a.x. airport comes to a grinding halt after a gunman opens fire. people were hiding in bathroom stalls, others were evacuated. >> it is probably the worst experience i have ever been in, in my life. it was the most terrifying. and you're always like kind of, you know, imagine what would you do. you hear about these horrible incidents. and you have to kind of ask yourself, what would i do in a situation like that? and the only thing i could do was keep my eyes down the hall to see if he was coming. >> reporter: police moved through the terminal with guns
drawn as well as a triage unit for the wounded. many were wheeled out to waiting ambulances. >> people were running, getting knocked down, and there was luggage everywhere and mayhem is the best way of describing it. >> reporter: some people who had just cleared security rushed on to the tarmac. others were stuck in restaurants and bathrooms during the lackdown. some travelers simply walked away from the airport on foot to get away. and today's tragedy at l.a.x. sent some flights on lockdown. some were diverted to other airports. others weren't allowed to take off. back to you. >> kai, thank you. just in the last half hour, tsa has identified the officer killed as 39-year-old gerardo hernandez. he is the first officer killed in the line of duty in the tsa's 12-year history. stay with wjz for the latest on the shootings at l.a.x. there may be as many as 9,000 victims of the
gynecologist accused of secretly videotaping patients during exams. disturbing new details are emerging in a class action lawsuit against johns hopkins. mike hellgren talked to the patients of dr. nikita levy tonight. >> reporter: investigators say the gynecologist used a pen camera like this to record exams at johns hopkins east baltimore medical center. and the fbi is still sifting through thousands of images on levy's computers. there may be 9,000 victims and their lawyers are now working to settle the class action case through a mediator. >> i think that these women are in fear of getting their pap smears and their examinations. we have women who are in fear of seeing any physician. >> did he behave strangely? >> he always smiled. every time he was checking my privates he smiled. when i went for my appointment, it would never be another nurse in there. it just be him, like just him and just me. >> reporter: the lawyers say it went beyond videotaping.
that dr. levy would also say inappropriate professional things during exams. they are unsure whether any of the recordings were sold or placed online. levy was well respected. wjz found his medical files showed no previous complaints. >> looks can be deceiving. >> reporter: those representing the victims complimented johns hopkins for trying to move the case forward and provide closure for the many victims. >> our job is to especially sure that our -- is to ensure that our clients are treated fairly, fully compensated for the harm they sustained and the court ultimately will be the final determiner of whether we have done what we needed to do. >> reporter: lawyers for both sides are expected to sit down with a mediator before the end of the year. at the east baltimore medical center, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the case came to light in february after one of dr. levy's coworkers noticed something suspicious and alerted security. tonight a former baltimore county teacher is charged with sexually abusing children at
the church where he was a youth leader. 49-year-old raymond fernandez is behind bars charged with abusing two teenagers back in 1997. the victims allege they were molested while fernandez was at a youth leader at greater grace church. they say they were abused at church events and in their homes. police are searching for more victims. tonight we are getting an idea of the major failures of the affordable care act website the first 48 hours of the site's launch just 248 people signed up for insurance. that's according to a report turned over to a congressional committee. the healthcare debacle is part of what's driving the growing frustration with politicians. a slew of new polls shows approval of congress at a record low. wjz is live, meghan mccorkle is talking with marylanders who are losing patience. >> reporter: people are telling wjz that they are worried about a lack of leadership in washington. back and forth bickering on capitol hill.
>> we're through playing these little games. >> this is why people don't like washington. >> reporter: frustration is building. >> i don't think any of them get along. >> reporter: that discord hit home during the 10-day goverment shutdown. >> by not keeping the government working, they just hurt themselves and shot themselves in the foot. >> reporter: glitches with obamacare also causing tempers to flare. >> you have congress regulating programs that they are not subject to. >> reporter: and the blame game continues. >> this is not the way to run a government. >> the american people are worried about their jobs. >> reporter: members of congress should be worried too. a cbs news poll shows just a 9% job approval rating with 85% disapproving. >> that is the highest disapproval number we have had since we began asking this question back in 1977. >> reporter: political analysts say while previous polls have been low, this is different. >> what people have typically said in the past, however, is that although they hate
congress as a group they really like their own member of congress. this time even their own members are taking a hit. >> reporter: some say they hope the frustrations lead to action on the part of the american people. >> i hope that average citizens become more aware of what it means for them to vote. >> reporter: a vote that could mean change in washington. and the president's approval rating is also at an all-time low. reporting live, meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> according to the cbs news poll a majority of americans say they don't feel they have much of a say in what the government does. an investigation is under way tonight into a serious crash in baltimore county. sky-eye chopper 13 was over the scene in the 1800 block of eastern boulevard in essex. firefighters say several people were hurt. police are still trying to figure out what caused this multi-vehicle crash. tens of millions of dollars lost ray lewis and 15 other nfl players sue banking giant bb&t. they claim people connected
with the bank forged their signatures and spent their money without permission. derek valcourt has details of the massive lawsuit. >> reporter: ray lewis' work on the field -- >> it's personal! it's personal now! >> reporter: -- made him one of the highest earning ravens of all time. the lawsuit says the bank through one of its business partners lost nearly $3.8 million of the legendary linebacker's money. 15 other current and former nfl players lost millions in unauthorized bank transactions, they say. the allegations center around this man, former financial advisor jeff rubin, whose firm pro sports financial, held athletes pay bills and manage money. they say the bank allowed rubin and employees to open accounts in the athletes' names. >> without powers of attorney, without authorization, cleared forged documents and using this account to wire money in and out to different things that jeff wanted to. >> reporter: investments like
this alabama entertainment complex called center stage, which was later raided by alabama's attorney general for having illegal gambling machines, investments the athletes say they never knew about. for its part, bb&t said, "while we have not had the opportunity to review the allegations in detail, we understand this case concerns actions taken by bank atlantic prior to its acquisition by bb&t in 2012, because this is pending litigation, we cannot comment further." the financial advisor at the center of this case has been banned for life by securities regulators after high risk investments lost millions for other nfl athletes like terrell owens. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the case will now wind its way through federal courts. plans to redevelop harbor point in downtown baltimore may have hit a snag. according to our media partner the "baltimore sun," federal and state regulators want developers to do more testing on the toxic chemicals in the ground at the former chromium plant. a public meeting is set for november 14. it's not clear how long the
project will be delayed. well, people living in little italy and all around baltimore are getting their appetites ready for this weekend. it is the annual dinner at st. leo's church! whoa! the event is a fundraiser that draws 2,000 people. $12 for adults, $6 for children and you get enough spaghetti, meatballs, homemade raviolis to fill your belly. [ laughter ] >> sorry to be so indelicate. the dinner is from noon to 6 p.m. on sunday. >> that's not indelicate. that's accurate! [ laughter ] >> okay? [ laughter ] >> fill your belly! >> yeah. never gone into an italian restaurant of any type and never had enough to eat. it doesn't happen! >> me, too. coming up real life halloween horror. a man's costume goes up in flames. >> a school bus plunges off a bridge with students on board. how it happened. >> she's doing well. >> cal ripken, jr., speaks out about his mother recent carjacking.
how he is dealing with these frightening encounters. >> a gradual cooldown throughout the weekend. i'm bob turk. i'll have the complete first warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
the complete weather forecast is coming up. a frightening scene at a
popular halloween carnival in west hollywood. the cell phone video shows a man in the street whose costume caught on fire. you see him going into the crowd ending up on the ground. a group of people was able to put out the flames. fire officials say he was taken to the hospital but his condition is unknown. estimated half a million people attended the carnival. convicted child sex abuser jerry sandusky is taking his appeal to pennsylvania's highest court. lawyers for the former penn state assistant football coach claiming that the trial judge should have point out to the jurors how long it took for the victims to come forward with their claims. sandusky's petition includes many of the same arguments that were rejected by a mid-level superior court last month. it typically takes two to seven months for the state supreme court to decide on an appeal. earlier this week penn state reached a $60 million settlement with 26 young men who claimed abuse by sandusky. police in kansas are still trying to piece together what caused a school bus to crash into a creek.
the bus was pulled from the water this afternoon. the ten students aboard were credited with helping each other to get to safety. today, one of them said the driver tried to go over a water-covered bridge. the driver is hospitalized with hypothermia and a back injury. 83-year-old woman says she is an international jewel thief, may have struck again in california. police arrested doris payne for stealing $22,000 ring. she claims to have swiped millions of dollars worth of jewelry over 50 years. she has recently released from a california prison and told a documentary filmmaker she would never steal again. targeted by criminals twice. the mother of orioles legend cal ripken junior is first kidnapped and then nearly carjacked. tonight the "iron man" is talking about those frightening encounters and wjz's kai jackson has the latest. >> reporter: these crimes against his mother are indeed bizarre. but he also says he is leaving
the investigation in the hands of police. last month, there was an attempted carjacking in broad daylight as 75-year-old vi ripken left the mbrs financial bank on west bel air avenue in aberdeen county. >> she told them she was approached in the parking lot as she went to her vehicle by a man with a gun. >> reporter: it was a frightening ordeal for vi ripken who last year was abducted at gunpoint from her home tied up, forced into a car and driven around for 24 hours before being set free unharmed. she is the mother of orioles hall of famer cal ripken, jr. >> it's bizarre that similar thing could happen to your mom in two times in a year. >> i am concerned. but at the same time, i take my concern from her. you know, how she deals with it. she swears we're all more worried than she is. >> hi, i'm cal ripken -- >> reporter: cal ripken, jr., now also an author, businessman, public speaker and ceo of ripken baseball says he
is leaving the investigating to the police. >> part of dealing with this personally is you can get immerse need it into the whole investigation in the process and have that run your life or let the professionals do their jobs. >> reporter: it's stressful for the family. >> she is doing very well. i don't know if each and every one of us would think about the things she has gone through whether we would react in the same fashion. she's remarkable. >> reporter: a $100,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest of a suspect in last year's abduction. cal ripken, jr., says there have been several leads in the case. back to you. >> thank you, kai. john walsh, host of america's most wanted, urged the kidnapper to come forward saying and i quote, they are going to hunt you down. turn yourself in. no matter how much you wanted some candy, you probably would have stayed away from this house in boise because it
has a fire-breathing dragon. it was built by 70-year-old phil ullman. he spent a months transforming the house into a castle complete with ghosts, gargoyles and a mean dragon. by the way, phil dresses as dracula on halloween. >> talented. >> there's a man who gets into the spirit of the holiday. >> whoa! is he going to leave it up or take it down like this weekend? >> he puts a santa hat on it and then he transforms it for christmas. >> including the gargoyle. let's look at temperatures and conditions. still a very mild afternoon, a mild night. right now we are at 56 and no wind. 29.96, rising barometer. it's humid, 96%, with these light winds. there could be a little fog where we had rain earlier across the area. still 66 in ocean city, cooling down, 46 in oakland. it will eventually get cooler here but probably not until tomorrow night when you start to feel it. 56 bel air.
59 down by the bay and d.c. once again at 62. very light winds here, most areas have had really no wind of any consequence except when that front came through this morning. we had some gusts near 30 miles per hour. to the west of us, more of a westerly breeze at 5, 10, 15 miles an hour. by later tonight, it will get a little breezy, i think, tomorrow. low pressure sitting over eastern quebec is spinning and it's dragged this front across our region. with those showers this afternoon, still a little bit of light rain over southeast virginia now and north carolina and just offshore from ocean city a little rain in the southern bay that stalled out. low pressure just beginning to move out finally. so from pretty much from cambridge north and west it's clear, still some clouds to the was and we will see some clouds from time to time tomorrow as the second front comes through the area. that's when it starts to cool down. tomorrow night chilly, sunday cooler than tomorrow and monday would be a pretty chilly day. probably not even getting out of the 40s. so there are a couple of cold
days coming up but really doesn't start until sunday. west winds in the bay, gusting up to 20 knots. small craft advisory out there saturday afternoon. the bay temperatures 61. overnight tonight, pretty pleasant night really, 48, mild. normal low is like 41. tomorrow still 66, a pleasant afternoon, a little breezy later as it gets colder tomorrow night. temperatures -- oh, i almost forgot. 2:00 saturday night, turn your clock back, don't forget, yes. we go back to standard time at 2 a.m. on sunday. the next five days, 54 on sunday. that's going to be pretty chilly. 29 at night. 48 monday. 57 and back to 68 again next wednesday. denise, vic? >> thank you, bob. coming up in sports -- >> the ravens are supposed to be rested after the bye week but they are once again dealing with an injury. i'm mark viviano. reaction to a loss on the offensive line coming up. ,,,,,,
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in the sports report, ravens get ready to face cleveland on sunday. sports director mark viviano explains it's a setback for an offensive line that's been under fire all year. >> reporter: the team's offensive line is the foundation on which the offense is built but the ravens super bowl offensive line has been quite changed. matt birk retired, mckinnie was traded another kelechi osemele is hurt. the starting left guard needs surgery for a back problem, he will likely miss the season. he is a massive lineman from iowa state a second round draft pick last season played every game his rookie year and started every game this season then the back injury. shipley now takes over in osemele's absence. he is a center with some experience at guard. the ravens reacted to the latest setback on the offensive
line. >> it's a tough deal. we hope for a good surgery and healthy recovery, but next man steps up. we have to fight through the injuries. they happen in the nfl. >> i feel very comfortable. since the miami game i have been practicing, you know, strictly guard. so center is my natural position. i feel comfortable at that. >> more on that offensive line starting right tackle michael orr is probable for sunday. he was able to practice today after missing a workout earlier this week with an ankle injury. back to you. >> thanks, mark. ravens will be heading to cleveland for 4:15 game sunday afternoon and remember, you can see it live right here on wjz. and coming up, record setting race. a team drives from new york to los angeles and you won't believe how fast they do it. believe how fastand then when you get up -- can i play?
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when this comes to diamonds this one is star of the show and will soon have a new owner. the 60-carat diamond was put on display in sotheby's. it will be auctioned november 13 and will fetch a record $60 million. diamond was a long time in the making two years to cut and polish this spectacular gem. >> well, no doubt burt reynolds would be proud. a new cannonball run record has been set. three men teamed up to drive from new york to los angeles and they did it in just 28 hours and 50 minutes. the trio rolled down the highway in a mercedes-benz equipped with extra fuel and three radar detectors. that's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,